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Pricing policy, cancellation and refund

Terms and conditions - Regular cruise tickets

Reimbursements, changes of date and time or transfers to a third party are not accepted. Cancellation fees correspond to 100% of the deposit received. Schedules, boat and itinerary are subject to change without notice.

If you want more flexibility, check out AML-FLEX before you buy.

In the event that AML Cruises is forced to cancel your cruise due to health measures imposed by public authorities regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the amount of your cruise will be automatically refunded to you.

At the time of booking, you will be required to pay the full amount of your invoice, including the following booking fees:

  • Telephone reservation: $4 per paid ticket.
  • Online reservation: $2 per paid ticket.
  • Reservation at the box office: no reservation fee.

Terms and conditions - Cruise tickets and other activities - Attractions Passports

Cruise tickets and other activities purchased through the government's Attractions Passport program are subject to the specific terms and conditions of this program.

These terms and conditions include that cruise tickets and tickets for activities offered by other partners cannot be exchanged, refunded or credited, as they are open tickets offered for promotional purposes for a specific period.

Terms and conditions - Gift cards, gift certificates and credits

Gift cards, gift certificates and credits cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Purchase conditions for groups of 20 people or more

In order to confirm the reservation, the number of passengers as well as the date and time of departure, the CUSTOMER must pay the COMPANY a deposit corresponding to one hundred percent (100%) of the total amount.

If the event is canceled by the COMPANY due to a case of force majeure, or the fact that the realization of the event would be made unsafe, illegal or even impossible due to official directives of the part of the public health of Quebec, the CUSTOMER will be reimbursed but the responsibility of the COMPANY can never exceed the reimbursement of the sums received to the exclusion of service charges. The expenses incurred and paid by Croisières AML to satisfy a request from the Customer will remain the responsibility of the latter.

The CUSTOMER may cancel the event up to 30 days before the scheduled date of the event. In such a case, a credit equivalent to the amount of the deposit will be offered to the CUSTOMER who will have until the end of the 2022 season to take advantage of this credit. If he cancels less than 30 days before the scheduled date of the event, the CUSTOMER must pay the full amount of the total invoice.

All details of the event must be confirmed to Croisières AML no later than 15 days before the event. Any addition following the date of payment is possible subject to availability and payable only by credit card at the time of the transaction.

The departure on a cruise is conditional on the seaworthiness of the vessel due to the extreme temperatures and ice. In the event that it is impossible to navigate, we will offer a certificate valid for a cruise in Montreal for the 2022 season. 1 certificate per person for a day or evening cruise (Excluding fireworks cruise, special events and meals).

Conditions for boarding

  • Do you want to make a request or have more information?

    Any request related to your cruise can be made by email to the address:

  • Safety and responsibility

    In the event that a passenger behaves in a way that is prejudicial to other passengers, AML Cruises reserves the right to refuse boarding due to his or her behavior (drunkenness or other), without compensation. The passenger will have to assume all the expenses caused by his conduct.

    The passenger recognizes that the cruise offered by AML Cruises involves risks of injury, loss or breakage of equipment, which risks are inherent to navigation on the St. Lawrence River and to weather conditions. Passengers must therefore play an active role in risk management by adopting a preventive and cautious approach. Passengers must pay attention to the safety instructions given by the crew members and to the pictograms posted on the ships and respect them at all times.

    AML Cruises may cancel, interrupt or postpone a cruise in case of force majeure, or because the cruise would be rendered unsafe, illegal or impossible, in which case the liability of AML Cruises cannot exceed the reimbursement of the cost of the cruise.

    The departure and arrival times of a cruise, the itinerary and the type of ship are subject to change without notice. AML Cruises offers no compensation for inconvenience or loss of time resulting from such changes.

    Departure on a cruise is conditional on the seaworthiness of the ship due to extreme temperatures, ice and mechanical breakdowns that may occur. In the event of unseaworthiness, we will offer, to each client holding a ticket for the cruise that cannot take place, a gift certificate allowing them to take a cruise during the present and/or next season. This certificate, worth a maximum of $49.99, will allow the customer to take a day or evening cruise on one of our ships (excluding fireworks, special events and meal cruises).

    AML Cruises is not responsible for the loss or theft of objects or luggage on board the ship. By accepting a ticket, the holder accepts the above conditions as well as the conditions stipulated on the ticket.

  • Special events

    If a ticket is issued for the purpose of an activity (e.g. "International des Feux Loto-Québec", "Cruises and Circus", etc.) and the activity does not take place at the scheduled time due to cancellation or postponement, the cruise will take place and the refund, if applicable, will be limited to the portion of the price pertinent to the activity, so that the portion of the price applicable to the cruise and service charges is retained by AML Cruises.

    If the ticket is issued for the purpose of a cruise and/or activity for which AML Cruise is not the promoter, AML Cruises assumes no liability in the event of cancellation or postponement of the cruise and/or activity.  In this regard, passengers waive all claims against AML Cruises, its employees and agents.