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Whale Warranty

Tip of a fin whale tail

The Whale Warranty: only at AML Cruises

Going on a Whale Watching Tour in Quebec is an incomparable experience!

The giants of the sea travel thousands of kilometers to come and feed in the giant, natural pantry that is the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park, one of the best whale watching sites in the world.

Your whale watching tour is only a few hours' incursion into the whales' natural habitat and nothing guarantees that during the time of your excursion marine mammals will show up.

Since customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, AML Cruises has implemented a unique whale warranty that gives you the chance to live the experience of a whale watching tour in the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park a second time! If the captain of your ship considers that no marine mammal was seen during your whale watching tour, AML Cruises will give you a free ticket to return on a whale watching tour on a boat*, departing from Tadoussac or Charlevoix.

*The "Whale Warranty" pass is not applicable on Zodiacs whale watching tours.

Whale under water breathing

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