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Safety on board

Safety is our priority!

Croisières AML, whose primary concern is to ensure the safety of its passengers, is committed to offering its customers quality services. To do so, and in order to obtain the certifications and permits required by Transport Canada, each ship must meet very specific standards and regulations.

Therefore, all vessels and officers are fully certified by Transport Canada and Transport Quebec.

  • Safety aboard the ships

    • All seagoing personnel must undergo mandatory MED (Marine Emergency Training) training, including regular updates
    • The crew must undergo a firefighting or abandon ship drill every two weeks
    • All crew members are assigned a specific role in case of emergency
    • Vessels are equipped with modern electronic equipment
    • All salvage-related equipment meets Canadian Ship Safety requirements in every respect. In addition, the equipment undergoes rigorous periodic checks
  • Safety aboard the Zodiacs

    • Our internal safety standards exceed those of Transport Canada
    • Our boats are unsinkable and have two engines (in case of breakdown). They are equipped with life jackets for each passenger, as well as a safety raft
    • Specially designed for high seas operations, our zodiacs are equipped with two high performance diesel engines
    • The fuel used is non-explosive (diesel)
    • Modern navigation equipment (radar, radio, etc.) allows for efficient communications for rapid assistance
    • Each boat is fully serviced every 250 hours, which exceeds Transport Canada standards by 4 times
    • Children must be at least 6 years old to participate in a Zodiac cruise

    Recommendations on board the Zodiacs

    Zodiac excursions may, under certain circumstances, be inadvisable or even prohibited for certain people such as, but not limited to :

    • Children under 5 years old
    • Pregnant women
    • Persons with back, joint or autonomy issues
    • As a passenger, you assume all risks inherent to this type of excursion, such as loss, injury or damage to person or property, and you waive all claims, present or future, against the shipowner, its employees, agents or others.

    The company reserves the right to refuse a person on board if, in the opinion of the Master, the presence of such person endangers his or her own safety or the safety of other passengers.

    You must follow the captain's instructions and remain seated at all times.