Our best gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Looking for the perfect gift for your significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Let us suggest 5 ideas that will undoubtedly create a magical experience on the river for you! These ideas will simplify your life and surely bring joy to your loved one!

A romantic dinner aboard a ship on the Saint-Lawrence River

Indulge in a local bistro-style dinner prepared by our executive chef, all while enjoying the company of your loved one. There is nothing more romantic than watching Quebec City or Montreal light up before your eyes, glass in hand.

Enjoy brunch on the river in good company

Savor a delightful brunch with your loved one and then set sail on the Saint-Lawrence River. Let yourself be carried away by sweet and savory flavors while admiring the most beautiful views of Quebec City or Montreal.

Whale-watching cruise in the heart of the Saint-Lawrence River

This cruise offers you the chance to explore the world’s best whale-watching site to encounter these beloved marine mammals! Be amazed by the breathtaking landscapes and the mammals living in the heart of the Saint-Lawrence. This is a unique experience to share with someone special.
You can even upgrade your experience with the VIP lounge option and make it even more romantic by offering you an access to a semi-private, fully glass-enclosed lounge where you can savor Quebecois local products.

Meeting 1000 Little Penguins

Just 35 minutes from Quebec City, we invite you to discover the Razorbill (Alca Torda), fascinating creatures commonly known as "Little Penguins". Thousands of them come each year to the wooden pillar on the Isle-aux-Grues archipelago to nest. On board of the AML Vent des Îles, explore outstanding landscapes and enjoy the fresh air of the Saint-Lawrence.

A gift card!

Still hesitating? Offer a gift card to your partner and let them experience the cruise of their dreams in your company! 😉

Whether you are more into a romantic vibe or have a more adventurous spirit, we have the perfect cruise for you. Allow yourself to be amazed and savor the present moment!

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