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Casting a glimpse at the International Women’s Rights Day

Each year on March 8th, International Women’s Rights Day is a commemorative day promoting women’s rights and their achievements. It is also an opportunity to remember the ongoing challenges and to continue the fight for a more inclusive future.

At Croisières AML, equality is a core value. Contributing to the growth and professional development of all our employees without exception is important for us. That is why we highlight the perspective of Lucie Charland, Vice President of Development and Public Affairs for Croisières AML, on this important day.

A predetermined journey

Throughout her career, Lucie has evolved in a field that she is passionate about: tourism. In addition to Croisières AML, she has held positions in prestigious institutions such as Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Collège Mérici, and the Association québécoise de l’industrie touristique. Here is her perspective on this important day.

A look at the International Women's Rights Day

What does International Women’s Rights Day mean to you?

This day represents an opportunity to remember what has been accomplished in terms of equality between women and men, and that the progress made by those who came before us must be protected.

Why do you think this day is still relevant in 2024?

I think that we are privileged in the Province of Quebec because what has been achieved in terms of progress here is not necessarily valid elsewhere. There are countries where women previously had rights that they have recently lost. Gender inequality is unfortunately still an issue in several regions of the world.

In your opinion, what contribution do women make to the tourism industry?

Women’s contributions to the industry are important, and I would even say they are growing. More and more women work in tourism, hotel business and catering. It is a sector that requires a variety of skills, where we showcase our culture, where we create memorable experiences full of emotions. I think women are rather talented in this field.

Is there a woman who has inspired you in your career, and if so, why?

Multiple women have been a source of inspiration for me, making it impossible to choose just one. They are ambitious women who have stood out, often in a male-dominated world. They are highly competent women who take risks but also possess emotional intelligence. These women have surrounded themselves with talented individuals and have accomplished great things.

Lucie Charland, a woman leader in the tourism industry

How have you distinguished yourself as a woman throughout your career?

In a world that was predominantly male-dominated when I started, I believe I stood out through my ability to quickly connect with others, my listening skills, my interest, my communication abilities, and my involvement in various committees and groups.

What kinds of challenges have you encountered, and how have you overcome them?

Throughout my career, I have encountered a multitude of challenges, all of which have allowed me to learn and grow. If your aim is to develop or implement projects, whether small or large in scale, you must be willing to take risks.

I may not have mastered all the skills required for the tasks entrusted to me, but I knew how to surround myself with the right people. Each challenge was overcome because I could rely on strong collaborators. Without this support and synergy with the teams, my career would not have evolved in the same way.

Stepping out of my comfort zone was always necessary, but it was also beneficial as it allowed me to learn, grow, and improve. However, it is important to know oneself well to identify one’s limits in order not to skip any steps. One must ask questions, show interest, but also be willing to make mistakes at times.

Finally, is there a message you would like to share with young women on how to be recognized in their field, especially in the tourism industry?

Since we are in tourism, in the hospitality industry, we operate in a sector that is very vibrant and dynamic. To adapt to an ever-changing environment, companies must constantly evaluate and renew their products. Therefore, what I would advise women who wish to grow in tourism, hospitality, or catering, is to fully engage in what they do, to be curious, to show interest, to be team players, and to trust themselves. There is no doubt that in this way, you will stand out, and you will be noticed!

Looking forward to the Future

The International Women’s Rights Day not only reminds us of the progress made in gender equality but also of the persistent challenges that lie ahead of us. Through the perspective of Lucie Charland and all women working in the tourism industry, we see the importance of equality in tourism and the need to continue supporting and encouraging women to excel in their careers for a better future.

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