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Meet Amélie Séguin, the current captain and director of operations for Eastern Quebec at Croisières AML. Her career journey is nothing short of impressive!

Becoming a Captain: A Challenging Yet Rewarding Path

Amélie studied navigation at the Maritime Institute of Quebec (IMQ) in Rimouski. Back then, it was even more difficult for women to secure internships for navigation studies. This limited their career opportunities and academic path. However, Amélie was fortunate enough to land a job at Croisières AML, where the prospects for growth and advancement within the company were very promising.

Starting her career in 2008 as a Zodiac captain, she held this position for 5 years. However, her desire to sail bigger ships led her to pursue further training and certifications.

In 2016, she started as a navigation officer and in 2019, she obtained her captain's license. Since then, Amélie Séguin has been an official captain for Croisières AML. You can find her at the helm of the AML Zephyr or the AML Grand Fleuve, two ships in the fleet that operate in the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park.

An Amazing Team

Amélie feels blessed to work with exceptional team members. Her team is a close-knit group where it's crucial that everyone feels equal, regardless of rank. Since taking on her role, the team has placed a great deal of trust in her.

Amélie is certain that she has the best job in the world. While passenger safety is paramount, she particularly enjoys the fact that she never knows what magnificent discoveries the marine park's grandiose nature and mammals will bring on each outing on the river. This is what makes her professional life so unique and special.

Let's be honest, going on a whale-watching cruise for work must be far from boring!

Amélie's Advice for Young Women Aspiring to Become Captains

"Go for it, but be cautious and listen to the advice of the more experienced. You need to be in the helm of the AML Grand Fleuve in the morning to realize that you have the best office in the world!"

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