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FAQ Cruise

  • How do I get to the cruise boarding points?

    By car, by bus, by bike... our boarding points are all accessible by road. Click here to see the location of our boarding points.

  • How far do I have to travel to reach your boarding points?

    We have several boarding points throughout the province. Here are the distances to be covered in kilometers and the approximate duration, from Quebec City and Montreal.

  • Where are your ticket offices located and what are the opening hours?

    Click here to consult the location of our ticket offices and their opening hours.

  • Does AML Cruises offer a shuttle service?

    The free shuttle service is free for our clients of the whale watching cruise in Tadoussac. Ask the Tadoussac ticket office for the schedule.

  • Will the boat wait for me if I arrive late for my cruise?

    Since we have several cruises a day and tight schedules to keep, we unfortunately can't wait for latecomers.

  • Can I board with my printed purchase confirmation?

    The only way to board is with your cruise tickets, which you can pick up at one of our ticket offices upon presentation of your digital or printed purchase confirmation. You can pick up your cruise tickets as soon as you buy them, and this, until you board.

  • Do the cruises always last as long as planned?

    Unless there is an exception, our captains will make sure you enjoy the river for the duration of your cruise!

  • Are there life jackets on the boats?

    All our boats, from the largest vessels to Zodiacs, are equipped with life jackets for all passengers on board.

  • What payment methods are accepted on your boats?

    Payment methods accepted on our boats are cash, debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards. Personal checks are not accepted.

  • Is there a photographer on board your boats?

    In Quebec City and Montreal, a photographer is present on board our Dinner Cruises and Brunch Cruises. You can pick up your pictures during the cruise directly from our photographer.

  • Is there a bar aboard the boats?

    The AML Louis Jolliet in Quebec City and the AML Cavalier Maxim in Montreal have bars on every deck. The AML Grand Fleuve, the AML Zéphyr, the AML Levant and the AML Suroit have bistro counters where it is also possible to buy drinks.

  • Are your boats adapted for people with reduced mobility?

    We are proud to be able to accommodate customers with reduced mobility on the majority of our boats. Click here for full details on accessibility.

  • What happens if I can’t show up on the date and time planned for my cruise or tour?

    All our sales are final, non-exchangeable and non-refundable. If you chose the AML-FLEX option during your purchase, the date of your departure can be moved, once, up to 7 days before the date planned.

    If you have chosen the AML-FLEX + option during your purchase, the date of your departure can be moved, once, up to 24 hours before the date planned.

    You did not choose one of those two options during your initial purchase and you would like to move the date of your cruise or tour? Under certain conditions, you can purchase the AML-FLEX + option. Click here to browse the complete policy.